ice2ice – ERC Synergy grant on «Arctic Sea Ice and Greenland Ice Sheet Sensitivity» (ERC 2014-2019)

Principal investigators: Kerim H. Nisancioglu (UiB), Eystein Jansen (UiB), Bo Vinther (UCPH), and Jens H. Christensen (DMI)

Ice2Ice from UiB – Universitetet i Bergen on Vimeo (2min intro):



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Ice2Ice from UiB – Universitetet i Bergen on Vimeo.

eastgrip – The East Greenland Ice-core Project – EastGRIP. An international ice core project lead by Dorthe Dahl Jensen at the Center for Ice and Climate at the University of Copenhagen and with Kerim Nisancioglu at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research as the Norwegian PI.

eastgrip from UiB – Universitetet i Bergen on Vimeo (3min intro):



EISCLIM – Eurasian Ice Sheet and Climate interactions: Reconstructing and modelling the climate and ice sheet evolution of the last glacial cycle (NFR POLARPROG 2014-2017)

ClimVoTe – Coupled climate, volcanism, and ocean tectonics in deep time (NFR ISP-GEOFAG 2015-2020)

SiU – Partners in Higher Education – Ice, ocean, atmosphere interactions (SiU NorAm 2012-2015)

Turspor – Formidling av geofag ute i naturen (Sparebankstiftelse 2015-2017)

DYNAWARM – Dynamics of past warm climates (SKD)

Past4Future – Climate change – Learning from the past climate (EU FP7)

SiU – Norwegian-American partnership in climate research (SiU NorAM 2008-2011)

NICE – Network for Ice sheet and Climate evolution (EU ITN 2007-2010)

ARECTREC – Arctic records of climate change – dynamics, feedbacks and processes (NFR NORKLIMA 2007-2011)