ACDC2013 and ACDC2014 organize sessions at AGU and EGU!

During the next year there will be two fantastic ACDC lead session at AGU and EGU organized by the PhD students from the last two ACDC summer schools on Greenland (2014) and in Nyksund (2013):

AGU 2014 in San Francisco two sessions onFM14-logo-483px

 Observations and Dynamics of Deglaciations I


Observations and Dynamics of Deglaciations II

thanks to Will, Anna, Kyle and Guleed from ACDC 2013!


EGU 2015 in Wien abstract submission is open for session on:images

Greenland ice loss and response to climate forcings: past, present, and future«:

Thanks to Roberta, Winnie and Bradley from ACDC 2014!